Weaving Circles – Weave your real SELF


Weaving Circles  – Weave your real Self

On this 1st circle we are going to weave an Amulet.


The Amulet represents Invocation. A call for change. Where words cannot reach, a mythic pattern speaks with your heart through your hands. The amulet is an invocation to awaken to the need for change.

During the weaving circle we’re going to: 

. Meditate

. Sing

. Lisen to stories

. Lisen to your inner voice and identify what you want to bring to your life.

. Learn the basics of tapestry weaving

. Have a beautiful finished Amulet

. Write or draw you inner vision and any insight that might come to you.

After the weaving circle you’ll  have:

. weaving a simple form on a frame loom

. identify what you want to manifest in your life

. a piece of art that represents your higher will, your deepest dream, and that holds and protects the new energy that you want to bring to life

. the hability to unite: feeling to making, art to personal myths, consciousness to the  unconscious

All materials included, all fibers are 100% natural.

A weaving circle is:

A place to discover and explore your natural creativity, to experience colours, textures and patterns that make your heart sing as you weave over and under the wild elemental fibers, touching with your fingers what is organic and real…

A refuge of peace and belonging empowering you to weave something with meaning, healing and supporting one another with some silence, flow and time to go inside…

The art of weaving a life is a method to empower us women to go where we need to go, to change what has to be changed, and accept us as the beautiful wise beings that we already are. It’s all about moving from fear into love and acceptance.
From 10am to 5pm – in English

To: women with or without weaving experience

Facilitator: Ana Alpande – Fiber Artist, Storyteller, Creative Coach

More about The Art of Weving a Life in English visit: http://www.weavingalife.com/


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